Protect Your Customers and Your Business from COVID-19!

Covid 19In these days of COVID-19, people are scared! Many of those who had been your regular customers, as well as potential NEW ones, are hesitant to enter your facility for fear of catching the virus.

The result?

Lost business and lost income for your company.

So… if you want to survive and thrive in these times, you must DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to protect current and potential customers, and assuage their fears.


One of the most important measures you must take is to disinfect your business environment on a regular basis.

But that can be a huge problem!

Using current methods to disinfect can be ENORMOUSLY EXPENSIVE as well as time consuming. It can cost many thousands of dollars to disinfect a large facility. Electrostatic spray is the usual method of disinfecting a business environment, and current technologies being used are pump, spray, and fog.

But in addition to high cost, problems with these methods are MANY… including:

  • Limited coverage
  • Non-uniform coverage
  • Cannot be evenly applied
  • Surface areas can be missed
  • Surfaces must be wiped down afterwards
  • Can take several hours before people can use the office/facility
  • Must be done overnight (in the case of fogging)

But what if I told you that you can avoid ALL of these problems… and disinfect your entire facility for as little as $0.07 per square foot?

Enter the Total Cleaning System!!!

Using this system, RaysClean, LLC can offer you all of these advantages…

  • Total coverage of all surfaces
  • Coverage is uniform
  • Leave no residue
  • Uses much less time and labor that other methods
  • Requires no wiping down
  • Bacteria and germs are eradicated in 2 minutes
  • No need for people to stay out of the environment for hours at a time
  • Kills not only Coronavirus but also:
    1. MRSA
    2. Cold viruses
    3. Flu viruses
    4. Norovirus
    5. E coli
    6. Salmonella

And it costs as little as $0.07/square foot!

Don’t let the fear of COVID-19 kill YOUR business. Protect your customers – and your employees – from COVID-19 at a cost you can afford!

Call us TODAY for a free estimate.

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